In line with the principles it has determined, LUCAS Tekstil is growing day by day with its R&D and innovation studies in the denominator it has in both the manufacturer and exporter categories in the textile industry in Turkey.

With its young and dynamic team, it sets an example in its field with its innovative perspective and approaches that support interdisciplinary studies, while adopting a high performance culture in its work.

LUCAS Tekstil is a qualified company that contributes to the development of the Turkish economy in its field by increasing its fields of activity by using its knowledge and experience about the markets.

To create and manage a strategic portfolio developed competitively and sustainably on domestic and global platforms in curtain textiles.

To achieve permanent superiority in the field with innovative designs.

In line with its vision, LUCAS Tekstil designs and launches products that can be purchased and used in line with the benefit-price index, above expectations, by using up-to-date technologies.

Improving production mechanisms, providing sharing and creative environments where team members can express and develop themselves.

Identifying innovative approaches that will increase the company’s performance characteristics,

Increasing the levels in order to ensure the efficiency in the production process at the international level,

Supporting interdisciplinary studies activities in the form of the implementation of trainings that will provide competence and exclusivity are progressing in harmony with occupational health and safety standards.


We display our approaches with sincere intentions and sincerity, based on love and respect in all our relationships.


We do not hesitate to take risks in our designs, on the contrary, we take responsibility by considering our experiences.

We reflect our positive interest in innovation to our work by evaluating ourselves and other disciplines.

Honesty in our work is indispensable for us. We exhibit attitudes based on what is right in our work.

We share our work and the way we work with you. It is a principle for us to provide this transparency in our human relations.

LUCAS Textile is based on the protection of the environment, the sustainable use of natural resources, and the preservation of the balance of human-nature relationship; Policies that will not harm the environment or cause the least harm are adopted in the quality of the products produced.

It underlines that people are a whole with the environment, with an approach that rejects all policies that will harm people while meeting human needs.

The company implements environmental policies in line with the observance of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard in its work areas, ensuring the minimum need for chemicals in dyestuffs, bringing recycling products into production, aiming to generate less waste in the production process, sharing the contents supporting environmental policies with the team and raising awareness on this issue. and supports environmental approaches.